Hang photos without nails

You have selected your most beautiful photos and want to bring them to the wall as sticking memories. Are you wondering how you can hang the photos without drilling and without damage? We have the solution for you! With PicsToMix, the photos are simply stuck to the wall. No drilling and no more nails in the wall. In addition, you no longer need picture frames, because we print the photos directly on recycled plastic. Whether travel photos, family photos or photos for your business – PicsToMix always fits!

Restickable photos

You can easily stick your photos to the wall, you no longer neet to drill into the wall!

There is a removable adhesive tape on the back of each tile. This way, you can stick the tile to the desired place.

Would you prefer to hang your photos in another room? No problem! Take your photo off the wall and stick it again – without damage!

Below you will find inspiration for your PicsToMix collection.

Your most beautiful travel photos

What to do with all the holiday and travel photos? The phone is full of it and actually you want to make longlasting memories of your travel photos? No problem. Order your photos simply as photo tiles! So you can keep the best moments of your journey close to you. Landscapes are best ordered on the Wide  format. This is the best way to enhance the environment. For close-ups, both Originals  and Minis  are suitable.

Memories of your family

The most beautiful family photos on the wall really transforms a house to a home. They look good on all formats. Choose the size that suits your decor or mix the formats to make a great collage.

PicsToMix for business

The PicsToMix photo tiles are also ideal for your business. Products or employees can be perfectly presented on the wall. “Healthy Piece of Cake”, for example, has its delicious creations printed on Minis. This way, guests can immediately see what they can conjure up. Enjoy!

Are you looking for a way to hang a photo wall without drilling? Then you have come to the right place. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Either through the chat or write us an e-mail. Would you like to install the app directly? Then click on the button below. See you soon at PicsToMix!

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